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2019 Premium List

Fairboard Members & Committees
Fairboard Members & Committees
General Rules/Youth Market Auction Rules
Horticulture, Fruit, Herbs, Forage
Home Economics
Fine Arts & Crafts
Flower Department
Special Awards/Miscellaneous
Demo Derby Rules and Information
Tractor Parade
Schedule of Fair Events

2017 Becker County Fairboard Members
Keith Sonnenberg,  Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 .
Tom Klevin, Lake Park, MN 56554 . 
Shawn Eckert, Frazee, MN 56544 .

Directors Include:

Dustin Dahring, Vergas, MN 56587

Sharon Leegard, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 (439-6740)

Anastasia Mickelson, Frazee, MN (218-334-5091)

Matt Moore, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 (847-3359)

DeWayne Myhre, Audubon, MN 56511 (439-3125)

Travis Schauer, Lake Park, MN 56554 (238-5077)

Roger Winter, Callaway, MN 56521 (375-3704)

Jeremy Sonnenberg, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 (841-7703)

Brant Bigger, Lake Park, MN 56554 (234-6906)

Jen Hoban, Detroit Lakes, MN (766-9231)

Mike Ullmer, Lake Park, MN (841-3019)


*Committee Chairperson is the First Person on Each List (In Bold Print)

Fair Manager: Keith Sonnenberg

4-H Activities: 

Anastasia Mickelson, Jeremy Sonnenberg, Jen Hoban


Demo Derby: 

Travis Schauer, Shawn Eckert, Matt Moore, Dusty Dahring


Cattle & Cattle Barn: 

Dustin Daring,  Keith SonnenbergShawn Eckert, DeWayne Myhre, Jeremy Sonnenberg 

Horse & Horse Barn: 

Roger Winter, Shawn Eckert, Tom Kleven, Brant Bigger

Poultry & Rabbit Barn: 

Mike Ullmer, Matt Moore, DeWane Myhre, Dustin Dahring, Tom Kleven

Exhibit Building:

Anastasia Mickelson, Sharon Leegard, Jen Hoban


Gates, Crowd Control, Parking & Parking Safety, Personnel, Grounds, & Office: 

DuWayne Myhre, Keith Sonnenberg, Jeremy Sonnenberg



Matt Moore,  Keith Sonnenberg, Roger Winter, Brant Bigger


Premium Books, Commercial Exhibits & Advertising: 

Shawn Eckert, Matt Moore, DeWayne Myhre, Anastasia Mickelson, Tom Kleven, Jen Hoban


Off-Season Ground Care, Rent & Improvements: 

Jeremy Sonnenberg, Keith Sonnenberg, Dustin Dahring, Roger Winter, Brant Bigger, Matt Moore



Sharon Leegard, Jeremy Sonnenberg, Roger Winter, Mike Ullmer


Entertainment for Grandstand & Big Tent: 

Keith Sonnenberg, Mike Ullmer, Keith Sonnenberg, Roger Winter, Anastasia Mickelson, Jeremy Sonnenberg, Shawn Eckert


Senior Citizens, Antique Cars, School House:  

Roger Winter, Dustin Daring, Tom Kleven


Special Note: 4-H is now able to except "We Care" receipts, so please bring them to the 4H building. There will be a box there to put them in.