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2017 Premium List

Schedule of Fair Events
Fairboard Members & Committees
General Rules/Youth Market Auction Rules
Horticulture, Fruit, Herbs, Forage
Home Economics
Fine Arts & Crafts
Flower Department
Special Awards/Miscellaneous
Demo Derby Rules and Information
Tractor Parade
Schedule of Fair Events


Tuesday, July 25th:

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm            Open Class exhibit entry

Wednesday, July 26th

Entry Day

8am to 1pm             Open Class exhibit entry.

8:00 am                   4-H Rabbit Judging (Amanda Foltz Arena)

2:30pm to 6 pm       4-H Exhibit Entry and Conference Judging (4-H Exhibit Building).

1:00 pm                   4-H, FFA, and Open Class Beef, Sheep, Swine, and Dairy Steers in place.

                                Livestock verification done for all breeding and market animals.

                                (Livestock Barn)

3:00pm                    Bingo opens for the day.

1:00pm                   Slew Foot Family Band entertainment under the big tent.

2:00 pm                  Open  Class Flower Judging will start. Time is approximate.(Open Class Buil.)

3:00 pm                  Slew Foot Family Band entertainment under the big tent.

5:00 pm                  Commercial Building and Midway open.

5:00pm                    Slew Foot Family Band entertainment under the big tent.

5:30 pm                  4-H, FFA, and Open Class Lamb Lead, Sheep Show and Market Goat

                                Show. (Amanda Foltz Arena

7:00 pm                   Mike Hoknson musical entertainment under the big tent.

9:45pm                    Button drawing located under the big tent.

Thursday, July 27th

Senior Citizens Day

8:30 am                   4-H, FFA, and Open Class Swine Show. Time is approximate. 

                                (Amanda Foltz Arena)

10:30 am                   4-H, FFA, and Open Class Beef Show. Time is approximate.

                                (Amanda Foltz Arena)

11:00 am                  Commercial Building opens.

11:00 am                  Open Class Exhibit Building opens

11 am to 1 pm         Entries for Special Contest in Open Class Exhibit Building

1:00 pm                   4-H, FFA, and Open Class Beef Show. Time is approximate.

                                (Amanda Foltz Arena)

1:00 pm                   Senior Citizen Awards Program. (Big Tent)

1:30 pm                   Jerry Frazier, Magician (Big Tent)

3:00 pm                    Bingo opens

3:00 pm                   Jerry Frazier, Magician (Big Tent)

5:00 pm                   Jerry Frazier, Magician (Big Tent)

6:30 pm                   Miss and Jr. Miss Becker County Fair Pageant-$8 a ticket

7:00 pm                   Dan Holt, musical entertainment under the Big Tent.

9:45 pm                   Button drawing under the big tent.

Friday, July 28th

Kids Day

8:00 am                    4-H Horse Show (Horse Arena)

8:30 am                   4-H, FFA, and Open Class Dairy Goat Show. (Amanda Foltz Arena)

10:00 am                 4-H, FFA and Open Class Dairy Show (Amanda Foltz Arena).

11:00 am                  Open Class and Commercial Buildings open.

1:00pm                     Midway opens.

1:00pm                     Laura Ernst, Juggler(Big Tent)

1:30pm                    1 1/2 hours of Kids Games for all different age groups under the Big Tent

3:00 pm                    Bingo opens.

3:00 pm                    K-9 Unit demonstrations behind the DNR building....Detroit Lakes K-9 Unit!!!

4:00 pm                 Laura Ernst, Juggler(Big Tent)

5:15 pm                   Laura Ernst, Juggler(Big Tent)

7:00pm                    Demo Derby featuring Stock Car Class and Minivans in the grandstand.

                                $8 for Adults, $5 12 & under.

7:00 pm                   Bruce Nelson musical entertainment under the Big Tent.

9:45                         Button drawings under the big tent.

Saturday, July 29th

Family Day

7:30-8:30 am            Market Auction Bidders Breakfast. ( 4-H Kitchen)

8:30 am                     4-H and FFA Round Robin Showmanship Contest (Amanda Foltz Arena)

9:00am                      Market Livestock Auction (Amanda Foltz Arena)

11:00 am                    Open Class and Commercial Buildings open.

12:00 pm                   4-H Fashion Revue held under the big tent.

1:00 pm                     Midway opens.

1:00 pm                     4-H Horse Fun Show. (Horse Arena)

1:30 pm                    James Wedgewood, Ventriliquist (Big Tent)

3:00 pm                    Bingo Opens!

3:30 pm                    James Wedgewood, Ventriliquist (Big Tent)

5:00 pm                    James Wedgewood, Ventriloquist (Big Tent)

6:00 pm                   RRV Emerging Leader Program under the Big Tent.

6:10 pm                   Fair Builder Program under the Big Tent.

6:20 pm                   Century Farm Awards under the Big Tent.

7:00 pm                    Demo Derby featuring classes in Pick-ups and 4 Cylinder. Admission is

                                $8 for Adults,  $5 12 & under

7:30 pm                   Alexa Anderson musical entertainment (Big Tent)

9:45 pm                    Button drawings under the Big Tent

Sunday, July 30st


12 am-9am             Open class exhibits released. All livestock must be removed by

                                9 a.m.

8:00 am                   All exhibits in the 4-H and Open Class building must be removed

                                by 11 am.

** Times are subject to minor changes.

Carnival/Ride Specials

Wednesday: 5pm to close individuals may purchase an armband for $15; entitling you to unlimited rides for by bringing and donating 2 non perishable food items. Armbands will be honored from 5pm to close.

Friday: 1pm- 5pm groups of three may purchase three armbands for $40.00 by bringing and donating 3 non perishable food items. (Must buy 3 armbands to receive the deal).

You can purchase armbands everyday of the fair for $25 from 1-5 pm